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Puppy Reservation 

When a family begins to look for a Golden Retriever puppy they may be contacting several Golden Retriever breeders.  


Sorting through how each breeder conducts their business is very challenging. 

The link and information below is intended to provide your family a high level glimpse and starting point of how Diamond RED Ranch Goldens conducts its business around puppy family placement.

If you are interested in a Diamond RED Ranch Golden please select the CONTACT US page.    Thanks!

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The Deposit

A deposit is required to reserve a Diamond RED Ranch Golden retriever puppy.

The deposit once received adds your name to the Litter Reservation List. 

The deposit date received determines your puppy pick number.   

Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of deposit payment do you accept?
We accept Bank transfer, Zelle and check.

If I mail you a check today and someone else provides an electronic payment tomorrow, do I pick before them? 
The deposit date received determines your puppy pick number. An electronic deposit tomorrow is typically received before a check in the mail today. You would most likely pick after the person who sent the electronic deposit. 


Male or Female

Each golden retriever pregnancy is verified by ultrasound.  


Near the end of the pregnancy the approximate number of puppies is determined by x-ray.  The sex of each puppy is not determined prior to whelping.

For each litter we only accept reservations for 3 females and 3 males.   

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a reservation for a female puppy and I pick 3rd.  Your litter had 8 males and 2 females.  What are my options?

Unfortunately the litter did not have enough females to satisfy your pick.

You will have 3 options:  Choose a male puppy, move your reservation to a future litter or have your deposit  refunded. 

I have a reservation for a female puppy on the next litter.  We have changed our mind and now prefer a male puppy.   

Your reservation would move to the male reservation list. You would have the next male pick after the existing male reservations. 

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The Waiting List

Each litter also has a Waiting List.  The list consist of families who are interested in a Diamond Red Ranch golden puppy but not yet ready to make a reservation.

When the litter arrives, Wait List families are contacted.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am on your current wait list for a Christmas gift puppy.  The timing of the litter is a little early.  Can I move to the Wait List on the next litter?
Yes, no problem. 

My family would like to be on your next litter Wait List.  We have not decided on a male or female.  Can we still be on the Wait List?
Yes, your family preferences and/or open items are documented on our Wait List record comment section. 

What is the downside to being on the Wait List vs. the Reservation List?  
Puppy availability and pick is the downside.  There may not be a puppy available when you decide to make a Reservation.


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