Available Puppies   

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Welcome to the Available Puppy  page !

This page provides information on impending, existing and future Diamond RED Ranch Golden puppy litters. 

For an existing litter(s) a picture of each puppy is provided at 5-8 weeks of age. Further information is provided for each puppy including breeder nickname, age, sex and yarn color.

The status of each puppy as far as reserved or availability will be provided on this page after puppy pick day.


Now accepting Litter Wait List names and a limited number of Deposits on our next 2022 Litter.

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All Puppies are now Reserved !

All Puppies are Reserved



Litter Reservation Status - All Reserved

IMG_0837 Purple.jpg
IMG_0835 Dk Blue.jpg

                 Purple Male = Larry
Reserved / Gone Home

Dark Blue Male = Moose
Reserved / Gone Home

IMG_0707 Pink.jpg

Lt Pink Female = Maggie
Reserved / Gone Home

IMG_0715(2) Orange.jpg
IMG_0717(1) Gold.jpg

Gold Male = Teddy
Reserved / Gone Home

Orange Male = Ernie
Reserved/Gone Home

IMG_0834 Teal.jpg

Teal Male = Tuck
Reserved/Gone Home